Security [ Siem + Soar -> Secured ]

Security (SIEM & SOAR as One Big Tool)

Security professionals understand that having SIEM and SOAR solutions in their SOC is the formula for success and improving efficiency and effectiveness. In most cases, a company's need for a SIEM is determined by the number of daily security events it generates. Effectively responding to these alerts determines whether a SOAR is also implemented.

How SIEM & SOAR Together Can Improve The Lives Of SecOps?

Both SIEM and SOAR make the life of the whole security team easier, from the analyst to the CISO, by enhancing the effectiveness of SOC orchestration and reducing the organisation's risk.

SIEM solutions typically generate more warnings than SecOps teams can respond to while remaining practical, despite extremely useful data collected. SOAR enables the security team to handle the alert load quickly and effectively, with skill-based duties, freeing up time for critical, resulting in a more effective SOC.

Additionally, SOAR solutions offer full integration with the SIEM. Together, they ensure that no alarm is missed. Moreover, a SOAR solution with SIEM ensures that all risks are swiftly acknowledged and acted upon according to consistent and repeatable procedures.

This is essential for regulatory compliance to meet the incident notification and breach reporting obligations while mitigating potential resource limits or expertise deficiencies.



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